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The desk wants natural light, must you rely on the window?

Many people want to have a desk by the window, reading books by natural light or being very happy. However, in order to save space in reality, the desk often leans against the corner.

The reading light is designed to study the natural spectrum, and the color temperature from morning to dusk is selected to restore 12 kinds of natural light. Whether it is suitable for reading neutral light, The daylight color required for painting or the warm light yellow light of using the computer comfortable. All can be satisfied.

The students have long reading time, and this has added a reflective wall design to avoid direct light and glare to the eyes. At the same time, it passed the rigorous photobiosafety standard test to ensure no blue light hazard. It is a professional-grade reading lamp, and it is suitable to study by reading books.

Many people use the desk lamp to have a problem that the lamp cap is too hot. This is because the LED lamp panel of the general desk lamp uses a fiberglass panel. I chose an aluminum substrate, which has good heat dissipation and can effectively avoid overheating of the lamp cap and prolong the service life of the lamp. In addition, the desk lamp has a built-in USB interface, which can charge the mobile phone tablet, etc., and the desktop can be much simpler.

This lamp is not only practical, but also looks good. The body is slim and smart, and the technology is full of sense. There are a lot of high-value decorative lights on the line, each of which is a landscape at home.

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