1: When installing, please wear gloves.
2: Do not install in the wet ceiling.
3: When installing, please cut off the power to prevent electric shock.
4: Connect the power cord, be sure to tighten the terminal screws.
5: cleaning or repair, please cut off the power, cleaning, please use non-corrosive cleaning agents.
6: Replace the lamp Bulbs, first turn off the power supply to cool before replacing lamp beads, to prevent burns.

Installation steps:
1: The hanging plate fixed on the ceiling.
2: the ceiling lamp body with the power cord connection terminals.
3: Light body fixed on the hanging board.
4: by supporting the body by light source (lamp bulbs or the lamp cup) fitted.
5: hang the crystal ornaments or other decorations on the order according to the drawings .
6: crystal bright paint with a clean cotton cloth or other accessories .